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Refinancing your mortgage: It’s not just about the rate

These are truly remarkable times in the mortgage industry. Mortgage rates are still at their lowest point in more than 50 years presenting homeowners with a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to lock in rates while they’re at or near the bottom. No one can say for certain whether rates can or will drop even further, but what is certain is that, at some point, they will go up.

The infidelity of financial affairs

A recent survey conducted by GK Roper revealed that nearly 55 per cent of respondents reported hiding some aspect of their finances from their spouse or significant other. Few would argue that financial infidelity is as devastating as a marital infidelity, but most would agree that deceit is deceit, which leads to an evaporation of trust no matter where it comes from. 

Your protection strategy needs a legal foundation

Any protection strategy that focuses only on insurance can leave you and your family vulnerable to the threat of a legal system which doesn’t necessarily share your objectives.

The high cost of waiting to save for retirement

This is the story of two friends. Randy, age 25, recognized the importance of starting a retirement savings program. Peter, also 25, couldn’t see beyond wanting to experience the kind of lifestyle enjoyed by his friends who made significantly higher income.

Biggest life insurance mistakes

For most people, buying life insurance is difficult enough, even when it’s done right. But when it is done with only one eye open, or haphazardly just to ‘get it over with’, mistakes are very common, and they can be very expensive.

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